Our FacilitiesWarehousing and Logistics

Warehousing and logistics is one of the key points in the cereals and oils business.

The Key Point of Our Business

In order to carry out good warehousing and logistics system, we have done the followings:

1. We have built warehouse near the factory and the place of origin, for example, in Cambodia,Burma and Northeast China, we have 5M Mts storage capacity in Northeast China, together with our partners.

2. We have various ways to bring the goods to the port for international business, Such as inland waterway transport, train transport and motor carriers.

3. We send the goods to our partners by containers or bulk-cargo ship. If possible, we also try to use train, such as the business between Russia and China.

4. Furthermore, we have participated in some ports’ construction in Brazil and Burma, in order to make the delivery on time.

  • Warehouse in Cambodia
  • Container loading
  • Ready for setting out
  • Transport by container